FAMILY FUN Arriving This Summer! Snakers!

It is time to reveal our second game and its slithering your way! We are talking about: Snakers!
Our snake themed title that will be available later this summer.

So what is this game all about?

It has already been described as an ‘Instant classic’ by our beta group and reviewers. Snakers is a fun family game from age 4+ where you can win in multiple ways. The goal is to empty your hands or at least have the least amount of cards in your hands when reaching the end of a round. To do this you have different types of cards at your disposal like a ‘block’ card that gives you the ability to ward off cards that are targeting you like a targeted snake bite, or a hand exchange.

As with all games from Brothers in Games, Snakers must follow some simple, yet elegant principles. The first and most important rule is, IT MUST BE FUN!, and a social game with lots of interaction between players. Well it definitely ticks these boxes… players will be vocal, emotional and bring a lot of laughter to the table!

Our second principle is time optimization. As two dads with young kids we value our time and don’t want games with lengthy setups or too much complexity. And Snakers is no exception. Kids and adults will be able to understand the rules quickly and the game is setup within a few minutes. Perfect for a quick game while travelling! And for kids to not loose interest… lol… ‘attention span proof’ might be another way to describe it =D

And it upholds our third principles of being able to disrupt and be competitive. Its definitely no pure luck based game but skill will help make you the Supreme Snake!

And a final note is that, similar to Slava, we will more than offset the estimated CO2 emission that the production of Snakers causes. We love it green!

More updates on Snakers following soon. And to get a special discount for Snakers on launch you can subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom right corner of this page!