We are two brothers, Laurens and Stefan Wittens, from the Netherlands that have a passion for table top gaming. Always looking for the ultimate combination of fun-factor vs. effort/duration/re-playability is what makes us tick. After playing countless games we decided to have a go at it ourselves and Slava is our first game. A fast paced trick-taking game that is easy to learn, addictive and simply a lot of fun! 

We also cherish our environment and want to contribute to a healthy, green, future. Therefore all products that we create will be C02 negative. This means we will offset more CO2 then the production of our games cause. 

The team: 

Laurens Wittens

Creative game developer

My brother and I have been looking for years for a common interest that we would like to do something with commercially. He is almost 40 now. So it took a while, but the realization was there two years ago. Our shared interest has been there all these years. “Board games”.

We have been gaming since we were young. Certain elements are more important than others. We are very competitive, so if someone wins it should not be due to chance. BiG wants to continue developing games from that basis. We want quality, complexity and originality in our games. So we don’t know how many and how often we will release a game. But we agree at BiG that we will only release a game if it ticks all our boxes.

We already have quite a few ideas and great prototype games on the shelf. So you will continue to hear from us. Just wait and see!

Stefan Wittens

Creative game developer

This all started because of our yearly gaming weekend (since 2004) where me and Laurens would battle it out against two other longtime friends who are brothers as well. Which we called the Brother Slay weekend! 

Where fun, backstabbing, competitive gaming, no solely luck based games and a right dose of drinks and craziness are the basics. And now we are ready to go at it ourselves with the creation of Brothers in Games. For me with a background as a (conflict specialized) historian who ended up as an IT guy this is the perfect endeavor to embark on and live out my dream of a gaming company with my brother. Using the tech side for proper planning, User Experience and learning what our costumers want we feel like we have games that will resonate with our audience. 

We take this very serious and are always looking for the right amount of fun factor, flow and freedom to make your own choices in a game! 

We cannot wait to get our first game out there… and it will definitely not be our last! 



For Slava and the other games that will be produced by Brothers in Games we uphold certain principles that we, as Brothers in Games, believe in. 

See a summary of our principles below:

FUN FIRST | It seems so obvious but fun factor is key! For us this means high replayability, have a nice flow and the most fun is with friends and family so we focus on games that require interaction and no solo-gaming.

TIME OPTIMIZATION | As family men with kids and full time jobs we have to manage our time well. So we focus on pure play time and no lengthy game setups. We do love to add some complexity but no steep learning curves that take long to learn. There is a sweet spot between enough challenge and accessible play!

COMPETITIVE GAMING | We love being competitive in a fun way. So we focus on games that require tactics, strategic thinking and the ability to disrupt! And additionally games that bring you a minimum amount of freedom to make choices. That also means we don’t like chance/luck only games!

GREEN | As mentioned under our TIME principle we are both dads. We do have our worries on a sustainable future therefore we strive to contribute to the environment. We more then offset the CO2 that the development of our games cause through green bonds! (C02 negative) We also use green hosting for our websites.

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