Tabletop Games for Thrilling Student Fun

Unleash Your Inner Game Master: Top Student-Approved Tabletop Delights

Calling all students! Are you tired of the same old Netflix marathons and social media scrolling? It’s time to spice up your free time with some good old-fashioned tabletop gaming fun. Get ready to unleash your competitive spirit and bond with your friends like never before. We at Brothers in Games love lists and spreading the love for game nights!

A student approved list of fun: 

Slava: Student Showdown with some beers

Slava is the perfect game for students who crave a little friendly rivalry and that like war gaming. This fast-paced trick taking game of war will have you and your friends on the edge of your seats, scrambling to rank in the most points to win campaigns. Can you handle the changing weather? Save you best cards till the end or focus on bringing in points in first battles. It’s a simple game of strategy and memorization, knowing which cards have already been played. With Slava, you’ll want that revenge when you just lose so you keep playing – ideal for those nights with your buddies and beers. An added benefit is that Slava is produced CO2 negative meaning it offsets more than the production emits in CO2.

Student Games that Bring the Excitement

Looking for more to liven up your social gatherings? Look no further than these student-approved tabletop gems. From the hilarious to the mind-bending , these two games are guaranteed to provide endless hours of entertainment and laughter.

Hitster and 30 Seconds: The Ultimate Student Game Night Duo

No student game night is complete without 30 Seconds and Hitster . These two classics will have you and your friends working in teams(we prefer playing in teams for Hitster and our favorite is the guilty pleasures edition.) to come up with the correct answers. 30 seconds is somewhat older but still a fun classic. And Hitster is for the music lovers but can also be played without much knowledge on music. Just get ready for some friendly competition and plenty of laughs during a night of playing.

Unleash Your Inner Poker player:  Saboteur for a Riotous Student Night

Are you and your friends looking to unleash your inner strategist and have a riotous good time? Look no further than the table top game Saboteur! This gem is the perfect addition to any student night, packed with elements of bluff, and the pure joy of misleading your opponents.

Saboteur: Where Deception Meets Camaraderie

If you thought Hitster or 30 seconds was intense, just wait until you experience Saboteur. This game of hidden roles and betrayal is the ultimate test of your ability to mislead your opponents. As you and your friends work together to uncover the hidden saboteurs and try to reach the gold, the tension and laughter will reach fever pitch. Saboteur is the perfect recipe for an unforgettable student night filled with shouts of triumph and cries of dismay.

So what are you waiting for, students? Ditch the screens and dive into the world of tabletop gaming. These fun-filled games are the perfect way to bond with your friends, unleash your competitive spirit, and create memories that will last a lifetime.