SLAVA – Wargame


SLAVA – Strategic trick taking game

Get ready for a strategic showdown in the world of Slava! This captivating war game will test your wits and cunning as you battle for victory in a high stakes war of military prowess. Do you possess the strategy and vision to outsmart your adversaries? Can you handle shifting weather conditions? The battle is on, and the fate of the war is in your hands.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

“I really love this game. Slava is doing something unique here with the hierarchy of the cards. I love how the team at Brothers in Games structured what cards win in each of the two weather conditions.” By Ryan from One Board Family

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“All the elements in Slava make Slava a very fun, thematic, nice-looking game that plays very well and has some interesting layers that you can play with again and again.” By Nox from Nox’ Spellenzolder (translated from Dutch)

Endless replayability

Great reviews

Awesome visuals

Tactics and strategy

Additional option: 2 vs 2 gameplay

Easy to learn

The military cards


However, no army is complete without some commanders! So each type of card, except for the bomb, has a commander that beats the other cards of the same type! 


The battles are fierce, and the outcome is determined by the weather-related strength of your cards. 

When determining the weather you can play two variants: 

  • Determine one type of weather per campaign. (1 campaign = 8 battles = everyone emptying their hands) 
  • Or go for a more complex and daring dynamic where mid campaign (after 4 battles) you draw an additional weather card to see if the weather changes. (Credits to ‘One board family‘ since they came up with this variant reviewing the game! Gaming community at its best. ) 

One box to rule them all! 

  • Lid attached. 
  • Durable material and design.
  • For the Sleevers: When you remove the inlay it still fits the whole game with sleeves. 
Example with Sleeved cards and there is still enough room for the rulebook.

Whats in the box?

  • 40 military cards
  • 5 weather cards
  • 2 reference cards
  • rulebook
  • NEW & EXTRA: 1 player guide for 4 players

Welcome to the instruction video on how to play Slava. Enjoy and if you think things are not clear let us know how to improve! 

Intro and basic training

Below you can find your first video. It’s a very brief intro and then discussing Slava.

  1. Starting with the unboxing or what’s in the box;
  2. the setup phase;
  3. and to finish with a how-to-play video. 


  • Rulebook in the box is in English
  • Using visuals and text to explain. 
  • We also have a Dutch version for the rules.
  • Frontpage of the rulebook has a QR code so you can skip right to video or more languages.
  • More languages will be added in a second print! German and Spanish will be added in that order first. The rest depending on popularity in certain regions.


Player aid

The community has been great so far and One Board Family even created a very helpful player aid! You can find a player aid on BGG or can see and download one below! This player aid is definitely recommended for first time players besides the reference cards already present in the box.

CLICK On either player aid to open the PDF and then download. (A5 size so when cut they fit nicely in the box)