Our first game of Slava has been out there for a few months. And it has received quite some attention and great reviews! Slava is also doing well on Board Game Geek. But things can always improve and Brothers in Games is not a company that delivers a game and then doesn’t improve things when we can!

A much heard comment on Slava has been that the box contains too few reference cards. For first play and the initial experience of the game we have come to understand that more aids should be provided. That’s why we will be adding a new player aid to all orders through our website (1 per order). And you can download it for free too of course!

The player aid will help determining what beats what in bad and good weather. And also state some of the basic rules that apply like:

  • -10 point when playing the bomb in the 8th battle.
  • +10 points for winning the 8th battle.
  • -20 points for playing the 3rd of a card type in a battle. (an opponent must “knock” on the table to deduct points.)

We have also added something that has come back again and again for a more dynamic game. The player aid suggests a variant of play where you flip an additional weather card from the remaining weather card pile to see if the weather changes. You do this half way a campaign, so after 4 battles. This means you will have to take into account a possible weather change during a campaign and adjust your strategy accordingly! It definitely adds an interesting layer to the game! Enjoy!