BAM! Our first WAR game: Slava – a summary

Get ready for a strategic showdown in the world of Slava! This captivating game will test your wits and cunning as you battle for victory in a high-stakes war of military prowess. Do you possess the tactical vision to outsmart your adversaries? The battle is on, and the fate of the war is in your hands.

In Slava, your objective is clear: be the first to win five campaigns and claim ultimate victory. Each campaign will have you engaged in intense battles and cunning strategies, and you’ll need to make every move count. With an average game time of 25-50 minutes, the excitement never lets up.

Inside the box, you’ll discover a trove of components that will fuel your strategic endeavours. The main deck contains 40 military cards, with 7 types of units that all have different strengths. To add an extra layer of depth, there is a changing weather condition that will influence the dynamics of your battles, and you have some commanders at your disposal that rank first among their type of unit.

Before the battles begin, you’ll need to assess your forces and determine a strategy. Whether you’re duelling it out in a 2-player game or engaging in epic 4 or 5-player showdowns, your choices of when to play what card matter and are critical to success. When to play the bomb and to sabotage your enemies? If I cannot win this battle, how can I influence who will win to maintain a balance of power in victory points? The fate of your campaign’s hinges on your choices.

Now that your troops are ready, you’ll dive into the world of Slava. The game starts with determining the weather conditions for the upcoming campaign, which will significantly impact your strategies. From clear skies to stormy conditions and heavy fog, you’ll need to adapt to the elements to secure victory.

Each type of military unit has its point value, and knowing how they stack up is essential to your success. Planes rule the skies with 10 points, while artillery and tanks follow closely behind with 7 and 5 points, respectively. Infantry and anti-armor units are worth 3 points each, and anti-aircraft guns and the bomb come in at 0 points. With these values in mind, you’ll need to carefully choose which cards to play in each battle.

With the weather conditions set and points established, you’re now ready to face off against your opponents. Each campaign consists of 8 battles, and after every confrontation, the cards are collected by the victor. The player with the most points at the end of a campaign earns a victory point.

The battles are fierce, and the outcome is determined by the weather-related strength of your cards. Last-man-standing rules apply, and the player who wins a battle must start the next one. Special rules come into play, such as the 10-point bonus for winning the last battle or the strategic use of the bomb to nullify all points.

However, beware of the “three of a kind, knocking” penalty if three identical cards are played in the same battle. Knocking during a confrontation can result in a 20-point penalty, so think carefully about your moves. Remember, there’s no obligation to win confrontations, and you can play any card from your hand. You have full control over how to play!

To secure victory in Slava, you must accumulate five victory points by winning campaigns. Whether you’re going head-to-head in a 2-player game, forming alliances in the 2-versus-2-player mode, or competing in larger campaigns, Slava offers endless possibilities for strategy and cunning tactics.