Introduction to Brothers in games

HI! We are Brothers in Games. The new kid on the block!

Brothers in Games is a young game development and publishing company. We focus on several principles like a minimum fun factor for every game. If a game isn’t fun(yes these exist, trust us), needs a very lengthy setup, is endlessly complex, is about solo gaming or there is no competitive element, it is not a game coming from Brothers in Games! For us gaming is a social activity to experience with family, friends and even strangers.

Creating awesome games is what makes us happy. And we are in a golden age of table-top gaming! To be part of it makes us both proud, very happy and humble. We have a clear vision on what is fun without compromising quality or the environment! So don’t expect a focus on quick wins, or sticking to release schedules just to make certain targets…. we will only release games that have been thoroughly battle tested, vetted and are simply a lot of fun. And only our in-house developed games. BAM!

About the founders Laurens & Stefan Wittens

Two brothers that have always had a passion for gaming. Both in physical and digital gaming! In digital gaming we are suckers for the older games like Goldeneye on N64 or later C&C and Starcraft on PC. Battlefield Vietnam. WoW… (lol so hard to pick some games to mention here since it has been endless gaming…  and seeing this list we are getting OLD!) But also board and card games like the Dutch game ‘Klaverjassen’ , LOTR risk or a game like Hotel. At some point we even played Warhammer (Comment Laurens: ‘just Stefan tho.. Nerd =D ‘) From more recent games a clear favorite is TTA: A new story of civilization.  

We have been competitive throughout life so from sports like table tennis, to gaming its all a competition! In a fun way of course… and we love some backstabbing elements as well. The ability to DISRUPT as we call it. You will always find disrupt elements in our games. You can count on that. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!